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04 May 2023

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How to Choose a Dining Table: The Interior Designer’s Guide.

Welcome to the wild side of interior design, where choosing a dining table is a declaration of your design audacity. Gone are the days of safe choices and yawningly predictable styles. In this guide, we’re choosing a dinner companion that will witness our life’s dramas, from raucous dinner parties to intimate midnight snacks.

Whether you're a seasoned design veteran or a novice looking to inject some personality into your space, buckle up. We're about to embark on a journey through the nuances of size, material, shape, and legs. Get ready to challenge the norms and discover the ideal dining table that doesn't just fill a space, but defines it.

1. The Spatial Symphony: Mastering Size and Space

Embarking on the quest for the perfect dining table begins with a deep dive into the art of spatial awareness—a crucial step often overlooked in the rush towards aesthetic appeal. This isn't just about finding a table that fits; it's about discovering one that harmonizes with your space, creating a symphony rather than a cacophony.

Measure Twice, Dine Once

Before you fall head over heels for a table that’s either too grandiose or modest for your dining area, grab your tape measure and get acquainted with the dimensions of your space. Remember, a dining table that’s too large can make your space feel cramped, while one that’s too small may look lost and forlorn. It's about striking the perfect balance between the table and the room, ensuring enough space to move around comfortably—aim for at least 36 inches/90 centimeters of clearance around the entire table.

2. Material Matters: Choosing Your Table's Essence

The soul of your dining table lies in its material—each with its own character, story, and atmosphere it brings to your space.

-Wood: Warmth with a Side of Timelessness: 

Wooden tables are the old souls of the dining world—rich, warm, and eternally stylish. They carry the weight of tradition with the grace of age. Beech screams modesty with a light touch, wenge darkens the mood with mystery, oak is your sturdy, reliable friend, walnut brings depth and Australian woods? They're the exotic strangers that promise untold stories.

Each wood brings its own energy, ready to anchor your dining space with a testament to nature.

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-Glass: The Minimalist's Muse:

Glass tables are the illusionists, masters of making spaces appear larger and brighter. They're the perfect foil for cramped or dark dining areas, reflecting light and views to elevate your dining experience. Glass tabletops are not just sleek and modern but also visually less heavy, making your space appear larger. They're the modern touch that says, "I live here and I own the space”.

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-Metal: Industrial Chic with a Cool Edge:

Metal tables bring an industrial coolness that's hard to match, perfect for spaces that embrace a more contemporary or minimalist vibe. Durable and sleek, they bring a cool, minimalist aesthetic that's effortlessly chic. Perfect for those who love a contemporary look, metal tables are a statement of strength and sophistication. To soften their industrial edge, pair with warm wood accents or plush upholstery, creating a balanced, tactile experience.

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-Lacquered Wood: The Flamboyant Flirt:

Ah, lacquered wood, the chameleon of dining tables, ready to don any color to match your wildest design dreams. High gloss for the drama lovers, matte for the subtlety seekers—this material screams customizability. It's for those unafraid to splash color across their dining domain, commanding attention with every shade.

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-Upholstered: The Luxe Rebel:

Velvet on a dining table? Why not! That's not just a choice; it's a dare, declaring a vendetta against all things vanilla in the world of interiors. Velvet on your table says you’re not just hosting dinner; you’re curating an experience.

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3. Shape Shifting: Navigating Social Dynamics and Space with Table Geometry

Cracking the code on the perfect dining table shape isn’t some whimsical design daydream—it’s about dodging the dual pitfalls of space mismanagement and social snafus. The form you pick needs to jive with your space practically and socially:

Round Tables: The Compact Convener

Round tables are the go-to for those tight on space but high on hopes for harmonious gatherings. They fit snugly in small rooms or awkward nooks, making the most of every inch. Ideal for fostering an atmosphere of equality, these circular marvels ensure everyone gets in on the conversation, even in the coziest of settings. 

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Oval Tables: The Space Elongators

Oval tables, with their rounded edges, are the space-saving heroes of the elongated dining room, offering the illusion of more room while still bringing guests together. They're a masterclass in practical elegance, sliding into spaces that balk at bulky corners. These tables are perfect for those who want the round-table diplomacy without sacrificing seating for an extra friend or two.

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Square Tables: The Intimate Gatherer

Square tables are the unsung heroes of small, square rooms, filling the space with purpose and clarity without overwhelming it. They're the democratic choice for intimate settings, where four can debate, dine, and dominate equally. But in larger sizes? Beware the echo of isolation as diners shout across the expanse to be heard.

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4. The Legs Have It

Ah, table legs—the Rodney Dangerfields of furniture; they get no respect. Let's march into the forest of legs, from the spindly to the stout, and see how these pivotal players can make or break the vibe of your dining den:

The Traditionalists: Four on the Floor

The classic four-legged table—a design so tried and true, it's practically the jeans and t-shirt of the furniture world. It's stable, reliable, and about as exciting as watching paint dry, unless, of course, you decide to jazz up the leg style. Turned, carved, or straight as an arrow, these legs can sneakily set the tone for your room, injecting a bit of character into the stalwart of stability.

The Pedestal: Who needs backup?

Then there’s the pedestal base—a bold, singular statement of "I've got this." No need for a chorus line of legs when one monolithic pillar can command the floor. It's the ultimate in creating a sense of space. This singular powerhouse plants itself firmly, demanding attention and scoffing at the need for a leg quartet. It's the architect of openness.

The Tri-Legged Harmony: Best of Both Worlds

Striking a harmonious chord between the traditional quartet of legs and the singular defiance of a pedestal, the three-legged circular table elegantly dances on the line of innovation and tradition. This tri-legged craftsman is the embodiment of having your cake and eating it too—offering the open, airy feel of a pedestal while nodding respectfully to the conventional stability provided by multiple legs.

5. Color and Style: Navigating the Aesthetics of Dining Tables.

Choosing the style and color of your dining table is like deciding on the personality of your dining room: get it right, and you've set the stage for endless nights of laughter and memorable meals; slip up, and you're left with a space that dampens spirits faster than a dropped ice cream cone. 

Imagine a world where your table doesn't just stand there but speaks—whether it's through the bold assertion of a lacquered finish in a color that pops, demanding attention and sparking conversations, or the serene whisper of raw, natural materials that bring a minimalist, clean vibe to your gatherings. 

The style you select wields the power to dictate the room's ambiance, from a vibrant, eclectic gathering spot to a tranquil, Zen-like retreat. 

Stuck in the swirling maelstrom of choices? Don't sweat it. Drop us a line, and our team of design maestros will swoop in to decode your space's unique language, guiding you to the dining table style that doesn't just fit your life—it enhances it.

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