"Historic Style: Honoring the Past with Design for Today"


02 Oct 2023

Unique Collection

Tokyo sofa has been selected to be part of the book "Historic Style: Honoring the Past with Design for Today" by Kelee Katillac and Jorge Arango. A testament to design that stands the test of time.

Tokyo sofa isn’t just a piece of furniture; it's a journey to a city where tradition marries modernity, where calm meets chaos, where everything tells a story.

Unique Collection

Embodying the essence of Tokyo, this sofa captures the dynamic spirit of the city in its design. Its sleek lines and thoughtful craftsmanship echo Tokyo's architectural marvels, while the comfort and warmth it offers mirror the inviting nature of the city's vibrant streets and serene spaces. It stands as a bridge between the rich heritage and forward-thinking innovation that characterizes Tokyo, making it not just a piece of furniture, but a piece of the city itself.

This accolade from "Historic Style" underscores the Tokyo sofa's ability to transcend the boundaries of time and style, affirming its place in both contemporary and traditional settings. It celebrates the art of merging past inspirations with modern-day sensibilities, proving that true design excellence is timeless. Through its inclusion in this esteemed book, the Tokyo sofa is celebrated as a symbol of design that beautifully marries historical reverence with a vision for the future.

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