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Moanne is a Spanish design firm with a modern twist, celebrating an unconventional approach to living.

Our style embodies the perfect fusion of design, artistry, and a touch of extravagance.
Inspired by the captivating realm of weird modernity and exclusivity, we craft creations that transcend established conventions.

At Moanne, we champion individuality, heralding a lifestyle that's daring, original, and unapologetically free-spirited.

Moanne combines vibrant creativity with high-quality artisanal products, resulting in contemporary luxury that marries functionality, durability and artistic design.

Moanne - Spanish design firm

Each piece embodies a harmonious blend of functionality, enduring quality, and avant-garde design.
Guiding our vision is Creative Director Montse Piquer, infusing every project with emotional depth and untamed creativity. Her unwavering commitment to values like freedom and radicality permeates every facet of our brand.

Our high-end offerings are meticulously tailored to meet the demands of our clients. Materials are thoughtfully curated, and every detail is designed with precision.

At Moanne, we believe in co-creation, making our clients an integral part of the design journey from the moment they place an order. This metamorphoses Moanne products into not merely high-end designs but also into distinct, personalized experiences.
Our handcrafted products are individually conceived, giving life to pieces that pay homage to time-honored production methods and wholeheartedly embrace a weird aesthetic that encapsulates the quintessence of exclusivity and originality.


Our values

Sustainable production

Unconventional living

We celebrate diversity and encourage you to express yourself freely.
We design for those who dare to live differently.

Unique Items

Unique Items

Our products are handmade and made to order. We do not work with stock.
All our products are fully customizable.



We empower you to infuse your unique vision and personality into every piece of furniture we craft. Write a story of self-expression through creativity.

Fully Customizable

Colorful Vision

We’re going deep on the connection between beauty, identity, and the sense of well-being.

The favorites

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